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Valor Beard Balm

Valor Beard Balm is a unique blend of oils that nourishes the whiskers whilst also working on the skin beneath.




Our naturally scented Beard Balm is made from the finest Organic Macadamia and Hemp Oils plus, Argan, Coconut and Herby Borage Oil with pure Essential oils extracted and pressed from Resin, wood, leaf, flower and seed to provide our unique organic fragrances.

This little beauty comes in a glass bottle with a German roller mechanism. Roll through your beard or over whiskers, then massage in with your fingertips.   Smell amazing!

Valor Beard Balm is currently available in two Scents: Original and Firewood.    If only we could have a scratch and smell device on your computer…

Original Beard Balm is deeply exotic – we do get people raving about the scent .  It includes Exotic Spice notes of Cedarwood, Cinnamon and Frankinsense with a slap of Lime and Neroli Blossom

Firewood Beard Balm is  our more recent addition.  It has a scent of the Woodland – Green Citrus and Sandalwood with smokey undertones of Cade and Vanilla.  Fast becoming a favourite.

An alphabetical Run Down on the Benefits of the Base Oils (in both varieties of Beard Balm) we use:

Argan Oil – A desert tree Anti-oxidant, renowned for thousands of years for its nutritive effects on skin and hair. Adds shine and fortification to hair.

Borage Oil – Helps prevent loss of skin elasticity and dedydration, as well as reducing the incidence of fine lines. Excellent for Acne, Psoriasis, and Ezema

Coconut Oil – Excellent protection and healing qualities for hair and skin

Hemp Oil – Grown and harvested in Australia.  Excellent for skin and whiskers – reducing dryness, itching and lesions. Highly absorbed by hair follicles and skin.

Macadamia oil – A native to Australia and specifically, organically grown and pressed in the Northern Rivers, NSW area. A close match to the skins sebum – has a restorative and protective effect on skin and hair shaft.

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Ed is loving his Beard Balm and even more importantly I am loving it too, tis a lovely bouquet for a mans beard….. I like men to smell like men, the oils you have chosen are perrrrfect and the aroma lasts for days gently and beautifully, well done!!!! Cyd – Byron Bay.