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Traditional Organic Shaving Soap

Traditional Organic Shaving Soap


Soap making is an ancient art and we designed our Traditional Organic Shaving Soap by going back to basics – but with a twist. Old fashioned shaving soaps used Tallow (rendered animal fat) or Palm Oil (both “hard” oils) as a base, which makes for a big lather.  We don’t think a big lather necessarily gives a good shave; what is important is a cushion between the blade and skin, good glide and a smooth face without redness afterwards.  Using a brush is important too because it imparts moisture into the whisker shaft and pore (allowing it to become moist and swell up so that the razor can sheer it off more cleanly). Using a brush also gives your skin a brisk exfoliation.

“We spent seven years getting our Valor Traditional Organic Shaving Soap right.”

We make in small batches by hand, from scratch! Yep – you read that right, from SCATCH! You will find two shaving soap types in our collection; Original and Woodsman. Both have the same base oil content but with different scents.  We use whole organic oils (not refined oils as most soap does) as our base – Organic: Australian Cold-Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Avocado Oil, Rice Bran Oil and Castor Bean Oils plus Organic Unrefined Shea Butter and Cocoa Butter, with our signature blends of pure Essential Oils.

This recipe provides a soap that makes a fine lather (like a cross between a shaving cream and a gel) that will give great glide and provide a smooth shave. If you have been using a chemical-laden product, try using Valor for a week and you will feel the organic handmade difference.


Soak your brush in warm water then mix in circular motions with your Shaving Soap in a bowl to create a thick creamy foam (add more or less water as needed). Lather the face evenly with foam and shave in sections. Re-lathering on the face when necessary.

Some people will tell you shaving soap must be mega HARD. We disagree, and so do our customers! Most shaving soaps should lather well, but most don’t have a wholesome base and don’t leave your skin feeling nourished and smooth afterwards. Our soap retains all the natural glycerine made in the saponification process – unlike commercial soaps where the natural glycerine has been removed (and then synthetic – cheaper – glycerine added back in!) Go figure!


Palm Oil or Palm Oil derivatives, Chemically extracted oils such as RBD [refined, bleached, deoderised], Synthetic Fragrance, Colours, Foaming Agents, or Preservatives.

NOTE:  Hand made soap is different from commercially produced soap as it retains all the lovely Glycerine produced in the saponification process.  Commercial manufacturers remill the soap, and extract the Glycerine (for use and resale in other skincare products). The soap is then pressed back together to make a very hard bar – without the Glycerine!   For this reason, you should always allow your soap to “Air”  between uses – don’t reseal the lid. Never leave it sitting in water, as Glycerine is a humectant – attracting moisture and your soap will go too soft.  If there is a layer of Glycerine on your soap when you use it, just gather it up with your brush when making your lather.

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