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The Rise of The Safety Razor

The Rise of The Safety Razor

Safety Razors are the new iPhone…well not quite, but sales have exploded around the world, as men everywhere aspire to own the early 20th century designed shaving tool.

The recent trend of interest in all things traditional (Hipsters are not the only ones!) including “old fashioned” shaving methodologies, maybe a reaction to the recent worldwide recession or just a natural swing back to using well-made products that are durable and that can be passed on rather than thrown away.  New generations are discovering that LOW-TECH may cost more upfront, but be cheaper in the long run, as well as being more satisfying and an opportunity to create a ritual that can bring calmness and focus to one’s life.

A driving force for me in creating Shaving and Beard and Skincare for men is my fond memories of sitting with my Dad as he shaved.  His method was to fill the basin with warm water, wet his face then apply the shaving stick straight to his skin and whiskers, then use his brush to lather up directly on this face.  He then used a safety razor – taking several passes over his face to come up smooth and kissable.  Needless to say, I have been fascinated with men and their whiskers ever since!

The beauty of using a great piece of design with a sharp stainless steel blade is you can get a great shave every time, for the rest of your life – only needing to discard the fine steel blade when it becomes blunt, rather than a bundle of plastic to clutter the earth for the next 5000 years.

“Safety” Razor is a relative term – they were safer than the other alternative of a Cutthroat razor, but they still require a little more thought and slow passes than a Bic or Gillette.  With a little practice, a great shave with less pain with no nicks can be achieved every day.



  • Use as little pressure as possible. the weight of the razor is sufficient to cut your beard without additional pressure. If you press down you will cut yourself.  Go for Beard reduction, not beard removal.
  • Angle the blade as far away from your face as possible.  This can be tricky.  The correct angle is somewhere between 30-45degrees.  To get the right angle, put the top of the razor head directly on your cheek, with the handle parallel with the floor. Now Slowly lower the handle until the blade can cut your whisker.  Practice on your arm first if you like.
  • Shave with the grain of the hair – not against it. Go Slow.  Most men try to get rid of their beard in one fell swoop – often going against the grain of the hair. This approach is responsible for many men getting a skin irritation.  To avoid irritation, lather up again and pass the razor several times more over your face where needed.  Your skin will thank you.
  • When shaving the neck, work from top to bottom – Slowly!
  • Rinse off and splash with cold water to close the pores.  This is a good time to apply a natural aftershave or moisturizer for additional treatment for your skin.

We stock classic Safety Razors as well as organic men’s shaving products.

Organic Shaving Serum is a smooth oil that provides glide for your shave while nourishing the skin. Can be used as a pre-shave lubricant cream and whisker softener.

For those men who prefer a quicker shave without the shaving puck and brush, we created the perfect Organic Shaving Serum with a gentle, silky glide to apply to wet skin. It not only helps give a smooth shave but also provides a cushion layer between the blade and skin, protects and hydrates, leaving skin soft and silky.

Features our signature scent of Cedar, Frankincense, Patchouli and Lime.


An organic Australian Olive Oil Shaving Soap that will make a fine lather (like a cross between a shaving cream and a gel), that will give great glide and provide a smooth shave. Comes complete in a custom stainless steel bowl.

Original Blend was our first Valor scent created – the scent was designed for a soap we produced for Sea Shepherd – embodying the qualities that Warriors need.  Shave with it for a week and notice the difference in how your skin feels. Essential Oils of Sweet Fennel, Clove, Lime and Patchouli were chosen for the qualities they can induce:  Strength and Valor in the face of adversity, Protection, and Courage, Raises energy, Sharpen the wits and banishes Lethargy.  No shrinking violets here – this sweet Aniseed smelling blend, is always in demand.

Enjoy your daily shave with this double edged safety razor with 3 piece construction and a 5-pack of blades included.

After all, a thorough wet shave in the morning enables you to start off the day refreshed and well-groomed – and still feel well-shaved by evening.

This quality chrome-plated razor is styled after the original DE razor introduced by Gillette in 1904.  You can’t mess with perfection!

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  1. The “Original Beard Tamer” 25ml is an essential for the bathroom shelf and toiletry travel bag. No need to apply fragrance (EDT) when you apply this, you’re done, and the compliments will come. It’s a very natural, earthy & masculine smell; also stops any itching if you’re in the stubble-to-beard transition.

    Wife rarely comments on the plethora of fragrances I’ve used over the years, but this one always gets the thumbs up- so I ordered two more.

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