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Behind the scenes on our new product … Pit Stop

Smell is a potent wizard that transports you across thousands of miles and all the years you have lived.    Helen Keller

kiss in jumpers small

Ive spent a good part of my life trying out deodorants; in search of a product that was non-toxic, didn’t smell like bathroom cleaner and um, actually worked.  I tried natural sticks, gels, powders, salt blocks and tea tree.

Admittedly, eating more healthily – especially cutting wheat out – helped, but even clean sweat sitting in a moist, dark environment, will grow stinky bacteria!

Being in the business of making natural products, I naturally became intrigued when I found a deodorant paste that was different in its methodology of application, but actually worked!  Of course, I was inspired and thought ‘how could I improve on it?”!

Designing and producing a new product is time consuming and expensive.  Much experimentation, group decisions on texture, scent, design and packaging. Then the outlay on graphic design, printing and  vast quantities of packaging, then market testing etc, make it a long process.

But l love a challenge, so we started from scratch in order to produce a new deodorant for Valor.   Testers with surveys were despatched regularly.  And we got there!  

And what we’ve got, is a Deodorant paste in a tin with a organic Shea butter and coconut base, that easily absorbs when rubbed in, leaving a slightly powdery feeling on the skin due to the other ingredients, with the bonus of a sublime scent.

In “Original” Pitstop, the EO blend – which includes our absolute favorites of Neroli, Frankincense and Cedar wood – which we already knew was loved by men and women alike, is our secret weapon.  On reflection, I realised the scent is a real point of difference in the marketplace, as it is enjoyed by women and men alike.

             frankincense Cedar-Wood-Logs1 neroli

We had one test subject request an unscented version, as she didn’t want her deodorant clashing with her perfume,  so we’ve made Pitstop – unscented.   However, I’ve also had many women tell me they don’t bother with a perfume now, because they love the soft fresh scent of the Original and men have said they like getting comments on how good they smell, but mainly they like that it works.

One of the joys of my business is working at the Byron, Bangalow and national Finders Keepers markets (thats me, below), because I  talk to real people about what’s important to them and then hear back from them after they’ve used our products.  Ive been pleasantly surprised at how keen people are to try the Pitstop, even though its an unconventional product. To hear later, that they are loving it, is very rewarding to say the least.


Thanks for reading – If you want to try Pit Stop.  Click HERE.


“Nothing revives the past so completely as a smell that was once associated with it.”    Vladimir Nabokov

So go make some great new memories.


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