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Traditional Tallow + Olive Shaving Soap Original Scent


Organic Tallow based shaving soap for a thick and lasting lather that will provide a close shave and leave your skin feeling nourished and smooth.

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Our latest formulation is our Tallow and Olive shave soap – still containing organic Australian Olive oil but made with a dominant proportion of Australian organic Beef Tallow.  Shaving traditionalists know all about Tallow in soap.  It has a great lather – we recommend 30 seconds of gathering the soap on your brush, then at least a minute of building a lather – whether in a bowl, in your hand or directly on your face.  We are aiming to please the traditionalists without compromising the nutritive benefits of our shaving soap.  An organic, traditionalist style shave soap, without any nasty stuff like Sodium Laureth Sulphate, Palm oil (sodium palmate) or EDTA shoved in there.

The result is something quite different to some of the commercial, milled, industrial Tallow and Palm oil based soaps out there and different also from our other Olive OIl based soaps, which provide a finer lather and give great glide and leave the skin feeling good but with a finer less lasting lather.  The Tallow we use is the best Australian organic edible Tallow available;  just like our Olive oil (only more expensive!!) We use Tallow, as it has nearly the ideal fatty acid profile for making good quality shaving soap.  

This soap produces a dense  lather, that lasts well and provides a cushion for your shave whilst still leaving the skin feeling nourished after a shave.

 The Scent is our Original Blend using Essential Oils of Sweet Fennel, Clove, Lime and Patchouli that were chosen for the qualities they can induce:  Strength and Valor in the face of adversity, Protection and Courage, Raises energy, Sharpen the wits and banishes Lethargy.  No shrinking violets here – this sweet Aniseed blend is our best selling scent.


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