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Pit Stop (Unscented) – Value Pack

$55.50 $49.95

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Save by buying a 3-pack!
Pit Stop natural deodorant is one of our best sellers, so here’s a value pack for you. Save 10% on a pack of 3 Unscented Pit stop deodorant paste.
Usual price $55.50 – value pack $49.95.
Smell good and feel great about it!


  • Pit Stop works by being increasing the alkalinity on your skin making it impossible for the bacteria responsible for body odour to survive
  • Keep the spares in the fridge until you’re ready to use them.
  • Did you know Pit Stop is great on Feet too?  – Massage around your feet and toes and cancel the stink!
  • Wash the Pit Stop off at night using one of our gentle Castile soaps, then go again in the morning.


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