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Value Set – Shaving Puck, Bowl and Omega Brush


An easy way to get started – or the perfect gift!

Our organic shaving soap in a stainless vessel plus an Omega shave brush in a stamped Calico bag.



The perfect shaving kit

  • A Stainless steel shaving bowl to whip your soap (something you will have till the end of your days)
  • A puck of our creamy, Valor shaving soap in either Original or  Woodsman (both vegan)
  • An Italian Omega boar bristle brush – a good quality base model brush – if you would like to upgrade to the Zenith synthetic bristle (with hydroscopic technology IE it holds the water in the bristle, making for better lathering.  Send us an email, before ordering and we can upgrade you for $10 extra ($60).

All Bundled together in a stamped Calico bag, it makes the perfect gift.

If you really want to look after yourself or someone you care about, grab our Shea and Pomegranate moisturiserthe perfect after shave balm, it soaks into the skin leaving no oily residue,  In addition to the organic base oils of organic Macadamia, Pomegranate, and Shea butter, it contains essential oils of Frankincense and Australian Sandalwood which are superb for healing micro cuts and grazes on the skin.


Additional information

Weight .400 g


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