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3 piece Safety Razor


Merkur Classic “1904” 3 piece Safety Razor

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Enjoy your daily shave with this double edged safety razor.

After all, a thorough wet shave in the morning enables you to start off the day refreshed and well-groomed – and still feel well-shaved by evening.

The Merkur 1946 Classic Safety Razor has a faceted handle. This chrome plated razor gets it great looks styled after the original DE razor introduced by Gillette in 1904.  You can’t mess with Perfection!

For TIPS for shaving with a Safety Razor…read this ARTICLE.

Made in Solingen, Germany.  10 Pack of Blades also available for $10.

Merkur Solingen, is owned by Dovo, a hundred year old company in Germany.  Solingen is famous for its German craftsmanship, the name being recognised worldwide for the best in cutting tools and shaving equipment.


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