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Accessories for Beards and Shaving

We offer a variety of shaving brushes. Our Omega boar bristle is a firm little bristle brush (Italian) for those starting out or for those who just like a firm bristle (like my Dad who still used a boar bristle at 84!) The Imitation Badger bristle (also Italian) is synthetic but has been produced to have hydroscopic qualities (IE the ability to soak up water, similar to Badger Hair). We don’t see why Badgers have to spend a short life in a cage then get murdered just so you can have a shave! And the last brush we offer, is also made from a synthetic fibre and made by a Tasmanian craftsman Patrick Senior, out of Huon Pine – that incredible timber you will find boat decks made of! This little beauty won a state design award and is a classic to enjoy for many years to come.

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