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Yes, we’ve expanded our range and added a new Shaving soap to our current line up and we are bustin to tell you about it!  For 8 years we have been making and selling our organic Olive Oil based  (Castile) Shaving soap – its popularity driving us to launch Valor in 2014 and renaming our shaving soap (formerly known as Manbar, if you didn’t know).  We have loyal shavers who come back for our current Original + Woodsman Olive oil shaving soaps – made predominately from Olive oil which gives a lighter lather  – like a cross between a soap and a cream.  They like it because it gives great glide and leaves the skin soft and nourished.

However, with  encouragement from some serious traditional shaving friends and being lovers of all things traditional,ourselves, (Heritage chickens, shoe polish and brush, safety razors and brushes, whisks instead of blenders…you get my drift), we have been researching and experimenting with Tallow – Organic grass fed beef Edible grade, Tallow to be exact.  The result is something quite different to some of the commercial, milled, industrial Tallow and Palm oil based soaps out there.  We still use Organic Australian olive oil, cold pressed organic coconut oil, and other juicy organic oils, but our new shave soap is based on Tallow because it has a nearly ideal fatty acid profile for making good quality shaving soap, yet not a lot of Artisan soap makers  do it.  Our recipe is designed to make a dense and thick lather, that lasts well and provides a cushion for your shave whilst still leaving the skin feeling nourished after a shave, like our other products.


Here is a snap  of Valor Traditional Tallow- we havent had time to get pro shots yet!

For the record, I eat vegan and all of our other Valor products are vegan, however I don’t inflict my reasoning on others.  I am comfortable with knowing we are using a part of an animal that could be wasted.  It is not easily available  and to to our surprise costs more than organic Australian Olive oil!

What IS Tallow?  It can be nasty…made from a mixed bunch of animal fats – not organic therefore residual pesticides and hormones may be present. Our Tallow is made from rendered and filtered fat from grass fed, organic beef cattle.  It has traditionally been used in cooking, soap and candle making. It stores well and once rendered it has little odour, and is similar in texture to Coconut and Cocoa butter.

So, there you have the run down.  Drop me a line if you have any questions!

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