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In the war on bacteria, Are all soaps equal?

In the war on bacteria, Are all soaps equal?


As we know, short of a vaccine, hand-washing with soap and water is the number one way to prevent infection. And yes, this applies to all soap (as long as you’re washing for minimum 20 seconds).

This is because, at the molecular level, soap breaks things apart including microbes such as the corona-virus.

The motion of vigorous scrubbing with soap and water is what removes these microbes from the skin, which is partly why hand-washing is more effective than sanitizer. Alcohol-based sanitizer is a good backup when soap and water are not accessible.

We like to follow the advice from the Canadian health officer, Bonnie Henry – “Wash your hands like you’ve been chopping jalapeños and you need to change your contacts.

So, are all soaps equal? Yes, while any soap is effective for hand-washing.. it doesn’t hurt to have extra power on your side to make all this washing a better experience for yourself and your skin!

Valor soaps retain ALL the natural, nourishing glycerin, which locks in your skin’s natural moisture and prevents over-drying (as many of us are currently experiencing). This makes for an incredibly gentle skin-conditioning soap for using on your face, hands and body. Handmade with ethically sourced ingredients, all our soaps contain maximum permitted levels of essential oils with the added benefits of anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-microbial and anti-fungal properties.

Our formulas provide a soap that is gentle on the skin and the environment, containing a blend of over 70% Organic Australian Extra Virgin Olive Oil with added Organic Coconut Oil, Castor Bean Oil, Shea Butter, and  Avocado Oil.

Every recipe has slightly different ingredients and qualities, of course, however, we follow very simple criteria…

  • Easy to lather
  • Stimulating aroma and texture
  • Easy to wash off
  • Leaves skin soft and nourished
  • 100% Natural!
  • 97% Organic

— Get your hands on our soaps now

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