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How to shave with Valor

How to shave with Valor

How to Shave with Valor

First up, we know every man develops his own unique Modus Operandi for shaving, but here is a tried and proven methodology for the cleanest shave, and a good place to start.

We endorse the old fashion wet shave with a brush and safety razor. It is still the most painless and efficient way to achieve the cleanest shave! And multiple blades and turbo pivots aren’t going to change that. Start with a good quality stainless steel razor (you won’t find anything sharper) and it’s going to be a lot cheaper and environmentally friendly, than replacing those disposable plastic cartridges!

If you have never used a safety razor, they will take a bit of getting used to. They are sharp and you will probably nick yourself at first! Be patient, and take your time.

The type of soap you use makes a difference too. Our Australian Olive Oil-based soaps are the most nourishing and gentle shave soaps around, and many customers swear by them particularly if they have sensitive skin. The combination of oils we use creates a finer lather that provides good “glide”.

With regard to lathering, you can take your soap puck out of the bowl, to gather the soap and create the lather in the bowl or alternatively you can lather up in your other hand or another dish, scraping the lather as you go into the bowl.



In a vessel or another bowl, take your Shaving Brush fill to the bristle height with hot water and soak your brush for a minute. Don’t submerge the whole brush, just the bristles.

While soaking your brush, drizzle a little water onto the soap puck to soften the soap slightly. This allows the bristles to do their job of soaking up some water for the upcoming process.


Remove the brush from the water and tap out the excess water … no need to violently shake the brush drenching the bathroom.. just.. tap it gently against the basin.

The bristles will hold still some water, use this to work it into the soap into a rapid circular fashion, for about 30 seconds. This will give you a good load of soap to whip a creamy lather.

With regard to lathering, you can create the lather with your soap in the bowl or alternatively you can lather up in your soap in your hand, scraping the lather into the bowl as you go.


With a rapid circular motion, start whipping your soap in your bowl. The longer you go the more air pushes into it – starting out with a lighter bubblier lather, but getting denser the longer you whip. If the lather is too dense and not building, add a bit of water to the brush and continue whipping. With experience, you will become a pro at judging how much water you need with a particular soap.


Using painterly strokes, work the lather into your whiskers, plumping them up so they stand up and out, making for a clean sweep with your razor. You don’t need a deep lather on your face; the idea is to create a layer of creamy glide to slice off those plump whiskers. Once you are lathered you can begin with your first pass. Use light, gentle downwards strokes, letting your razor do the work. For an extra clean shave, repeat the process.

Don’t forget to take your time and hum a little – enjoy the ritual!

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