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Man Talk – Latest News and Articles

Everything you need to know about our natural deodorants

Do natural deodorants really work? Learn more about this unconventional toiletry and why it’s worth making the switch. With global issues around environmental protection and sustainability becoming a big part of global consciousness, the worldwide movement towards natural beauty products is gaining momentum. And we’re totally here for it. People everywhere are opting for natural […]

The Pit Stops Here

Whether you are a seasoned Pit Stop user, have used other brands of natural deodorant, or just starting out on natural deodorant for the first time, it’s worth taking a few moments to familiarise yourself with how and why Pit Stop works and what to expect when transitioning from more toxic (aluminium based) products. There […]

How to shave with Valor

How to Shave with Valor First up, we know every man develops his own unique Modus Operandi for shaving, but here is a tried and proven methodology for the cleanest shave, and a good place to start. We endorse the old fashion wet shave with a brush and safety razor. It is still the most […]

What’s the Fuss About Palm Oil?

Here at Valor, its a Palm Oil Free Zone!   We are committed to NEVER using Palm Oil or Palm products and their derivatives. It’s Easy! However… Palm Oil Tree plantations are a massive industry. Particularly in Malaysia, Borneo and Indonesia. Millions of hectares of rainforest habitats have been cleared and continue being cleared by […]

Taking (self)care of you

Many men, and their significant others, believe that they could dedicate a little more time to their self-care and grooming routines. Sometimes getting out of bed, splashing your face with water, and putting a hat on can do the trick; however, most would agree that some of us could be putting a little more work […]

Get familiar with your pits

Whether you are a seasoned Pit Stop Natural Deodorant user, have used other brands of natural deodorant or you are just starting out on natural deodorant for the first time. It’s worth taking a few moments to get familiar with your pits and how and why Pit Stop Natural Deodorant works. Plus, what to expect […]

In the war on bacteria, Are all soaps equal?

IN THE WAR ON BACTERIA, ARE ALL SOAPS EQUAL? As we know, short of a vaccine, hand-washing with soap and water is the number one way to prevent infection. And yes, this applies to all soap (as long as you’re washing for minimum 20 seconds). This is because, at the molecular level, soap breaks things […]

Detox Your Pits!

You’ve probably heard the phrase “detox your pits” in overdrive lately, encouraging you to go deodorant free and rid yourself of aluminium and other nasties. But did you know, it’s actually antiperspirant that you should think about ditching, and you can do so without having to worry about a life of body odour.  What if you […]

Tame your beard

Whether you’re rocking a luscious lumberjack beard, or you pride yourself on keeping a clean jawline, it’s important to value the health of both the skin and whiskers to tame your beard. Valor includes a range of organic, artisan-made beard and skincare products for the man who values not only a healthy face but also […]

Traditional Organic Shaving Soap

VALOR ORGANIC SHAVING SOAP Soap making is an ancient art and we designed our Traditional Organic Shaving Soap by going back to basics – but with a twist. Old fashioned shaving soaps used Tallow (rendered animal fat) or Palm Oil (both “hard” oils) as a base, which makes for a big lather.  We don’t think […]