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The Pit Stops Here

Whether you are a seasoned Pit Stop user, have used other brands of natural deodorant, or just starting out on natural deodorant for the first time, it’s worth taking a few moments to familiarise yourself with how and why Pit Stop works and what to expect when transitioning from more toxic (aluminium based) products. There […]

Detox Your Pits!

You’ve probably heard the phrase “detox your pits” in overdrive lately, encouraging you to go deodorant free and rid yourself of aluminium and other nasties. But did you know, it’s actually antiperspirant that you should think about ditching, and you can do so without having to worry about a life of body odour.  What if you […]

Tame your beard

Whether you’re rocking a luscious lumberjack beard, or you pride yourself on keeping a clean jawline, it’s important to value the health of both the skin and whiskers to tame your beard. Valor includes a range of organic, artisan-made beard and skincare products for the man who values not only a healthy face but also […]