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On Chemical Cocktails and Living Lightly!

You may already be aware that your skin absorbs 60% of what is applied to it (yep just like swallowing the stuff!).

drinking poison

In fact, US researchers report that 1 in 8 of the 82,000 ingredients used in personal care products are industrial chemicals. These include carcinogens, hormone disrupters and pesticides.  These facts alone means  it makes sense to use organic, non toxic ingredients – and yet we continue to trust the products on the shelves without every really adding up all the chemicals we use over a year or a lifetime.

This plethora of chemical cocktails are being pumped out to unsuspecting consumers – most of them are not necessary, plus many may be downright harmful.   Many products include plasticisers (chemicals that keep concrete soft), degreasers and surfactants…Excellent for cleaning engines – imagine what that does to permeable human skin!

Sure, pure ingredients without chemical preservatives won’t last indefinitely, but if you use them regularly, rather than leave them in your cupboard, your body will thank you and you don’t have to feel bad about washing toxic chemicals into the waterways.

Take a look at your shampoo bottle or body wash or aftershave.  Most people would find it hard to decipher what those ingredients are.  Plus most products contain ‘Fragrance” or Parfum –  complex mixtures of synthetic fragrance, 80% of which have never been tested to see if they are harmful to humans!

These synthetic fragrances are not only found in perfumes and deodorants but are also in almost every type of personal-care product, as well as laundry detergents and cleaning products. Even products labeled “fragrance free’ or “unscented” can contain fragrance – usually with a masking agent to prevent the brain from perceiving odour.

The negative effects of some fragrance ingredients can be immediately apparent, especially for the growing number of people with chemical sensitivities. For example, fragrance chemicals can trigger allergic reactions, asthma attacks, and migraines. Researchers have even found evidence suggesting that exposure to some of these chemicals can exacerbate or even contribute to the development of asthma in children.

If you would like to read more, you can click through to our information page on whats in an ingredients list.  Also our page on Palm Oil makes a good read too!

If you want more information to research, go the a great summary paper by David Suzuki here.

Thanks for your time and Fare Well until next time!


The shot below (shot by Richard Weakley) is of our beautiful shire of Byron – a place that inspires me daily.


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